About Us

Hi.  I’m Annie.  Welcome to my website.  Here I blog about FOOD, FAMILY, FAITH, AND HEALTH.  I love sharing my recipes and other helpful information.  Our page header was created by my daughter when she was 11 years old.  She is a budding artist and this is her depiction of our family, ANNIE’S TEAM.

Who is Annie’s Team?

Well, of course there’s me, Annie, a 100% Italian, forty-something, currently – stay-at-home mom who has a beautiful pre-teen daughter, an amazingly wonderful husband, and a 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix.  I have a finance and marketing degree and spent many years in the banking industry, but now I am enjoying my time raising my daughter and volunteering at school and church.  When I was growing up my Dad owned a popular Italian Food Store in Chicago. Because of the store and my heritage, food has always been a big part of my life. I love reading about food, sharing recipes, but mostly love trying and creating new recipes and preparing them for my friends and family.

Then, there is  my Daughter She loves to read, write, draw, dance, and play the piano. She said she would sometimes like to write an article, so I created a special section for her called “Kids’ Corner”.  

My husband, a firefighter, devoted Christian, and health nut, will also be a regular contributor to this site.  His focus will be on Health, Faith, and Tips for Your Home.  

And finally, there are you, my Readers!  I’d love it if you would become an active member of Annie’s Team.  Your comments and feedback are welcome and will be another way to share information.  While constructive criticism is welcome and will help us to learn and grow, I do ask that if you would like to leave a comment, that you would remember that this is a family oriented website. 

What can you expect to find here? 

FOOD – As I explained – This is my passion! In this section I will share with you a collection of recipes my family loves to eat.  Many recipes are my own creations, but I also share great recipes from family and friends.

FAITH – We are a Christian family.  In this section, we will share things that have helped us on our faith journey.  It might be a story, a lesson we learned in our bible study, a devotional, or other things that have impacted our life.

HEALTH – Here we will share experiences we’ve had regarding improved health.  Both my husband and I are believers in using natural remedies for healing whenever possible.  Given that statement, there are of course situations when drug products are absolutely necessary.  It is not our intention to have you steer clear of prescribed medications or your doctor’s advice.  We wish only for you to explore alternatives that have worked for us, to see if they could help you and your family.

KIDS’ CORNER – In this section, my pre-teen daughter will share things that kids like.  She might do a book review, give ideas on school related issues, talk about fun times with friends, parties, or activities and other things that might interest kids. 

FAMILY – Here we will share other helpful family tips that don’t fall into one of the other categories listed above.  It might be about our dog, our vacation time, home helps, products we like, etc.

So please stay awhile and browse.  I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoy writing and sharing with you.