From Aunt Eunice’s Pasta Recipes – White Clam Sauce

During our vacation in Michigan, my Aunt and Uncle had us over for many delicious meals.  One night my Aunt made Pasta with White Clam Sauce.  It was really tasty.  I asked her for the recipe and thought I would … Continue reading

Salmon Recipe – Delicious Grilled Salmon!

Today’s recipe post is from someone who doesn’t usually post recipes.  Not only did he create and cook this delicious meal, he also caught it.  Yes, today’s post is from my husband, Rich. We spent last week in beautiful Northern … Continue reading

Rigatoni with Escarole, Beans, and Sausage

Last night we had pasta with escarole, beans, and sausage.  It was so good.  I couldn’t wait to get home from Vacation Bible School so I could eat the leftovers for lunch.  This is really simple to make, and I … Continue reading

Eggplant Parmesan Dinner – Quick, Easy, Delicious, Inexpensive

Yesterday I posted an article by Jill Cooper about making life easier without eating out.  Today I want to offer you my own suggestion for creating a wonderful eggplant parmesan dinner at home.  This meal incorporates the “convenience items” Jill … Continue reading