Hachi – A Must See family movie.

We give Hachi  3Thumbs and 1 Paw up.

As Annie has posted in the past, she often gets movies from the library for our family movie night. Recently she picked up the movie Hachi. If you are a dog lover, then you will love Hachi, but even if not, it is a touching story. It is based on the true story of the unsurpassed loyalty of one man’s dog.  Although the theme of Hachi is centered around the relationship between a man and his dog, it touches on many of life’s important lessons like relationships, family, and what really matters.  It unmistakably reminds you of the fact that “life is but a mist and then vanishes”. It is a great family movie, but you may need the Kleenex. (Annie says you will most definitely need the Kleenex – I told her… I just had something in my eye 🙂 .)  It features Richard Gere and Joan Allen and other well-known actors. You can check out the trailer below for some highlights.


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