Quilts and Baby Pictures

Last week my friend showed me pictures of her beautiful grand-daughter.  I had given her a “Grandma’s Brag Book” as a gift, and she filled it with the most adorable photos and shared it with me.  What I want to share with you is two cool ideas from my friend.

The album contained pictures of the baby for each month.  I asked her where her daughter bought the onesies the baby was dressed in, because I had never seen any with the month printed on the front.  She told me that the onesies didn’t actually have the words printed on them, but rather, each month her daughter took a picture of the baby dressed in a onesie, and used computer software to print “1 month”, “2 months”, “3 months”, etc. on the front of the onesie directly on the picture.  It was cool to see how the baby changed and grew and it was cute to have the month printed right on the front of the onesie. 

The second cool thing was that in each picture, the baby was laying on a beautiful fabric print.  The fabric was different in each monthly picture – beautiful colors and patterns.  My friend told me that her daughter was going to sew each piece of fabric together to create a quilt for the baby. 

I just thought that was so creative and wanted to share that with you in case you have some new babies in your family or are expecting some new ones.  Her creativity with the photos and the fabric quilt will make great keepsakes for her family.

If you have any unique ideas for baby keepsakes, please share them with us.


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