Aunt Eunice’s Super Easy Recipe for Stuffed Dates

I have never really eaten dates, except when they are in date nut bread.  I love date nut bread, but never considered using dates for anything else.  Well, in last 2 weeks, I have had dates in two new ways.  My Aunt Eunice from Michigan prepared them as a snack for us while we were there, and over this past weekend my Aunt Cindie served them as an appetizer at a luncheon she had at her house.  Both recipes were very different and both were very good.

Today, I will share Aunt Eunice’s recipe.  I wasn’t sure whether to classify this as an appetizer or a dessert, because I think it fits into both categories.  It can be an appetizer, but it can also be a dessert because it has a sweet taste.

This is a very simple, easy recipe and very tasty.  Give this a try.  And, if you have some great recipes using dates, I would love if you would share them with us.


You will need:

Dates – My Aunt bought a bag of Medjool Large Dates with Pits from Sam’s Club.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened

Walnuts, halved

Powdered Sugar


Remove the pit from the date.

Take the halved walnut, and using your fingers, surround the nut with some cream cheese.

Insert the cream cheese covered nut into the date in the spot where the pit was.

Roll the stuffed date in powdered sugar.

Serve and Enjoy!

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Aunt Eunice’s Super Easy Recipe for Stuffed Dates — 3 Comments

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