A Kids Party at the Carousel Room

Last year around this time I told you about the great birthday party my cousin had at Pirate’s Cove in Elk Grove Village.  Well this year the party was at the Carousel Room in the Jack A. Claes Pavilion, also part of the Elk Grove Village Park District.  Man, this place was really cool.  If Elizabeth wasn’t a tween, I’d be booking her next party at that place.

The Pavilion is a huge place.  It has banquet rooms, an art/craft/painting studio, a dance studio, racquetball courts, and several gyms.  Our party was in the Carousel Room and we had access to the Jumps & Jiggles Room.

The Carousel is beautiful.  It is 28ft high with 18 hand-painted horses and a swan chariot.  Kids 12 years and younger are allowed to ride, and adults can stand by their child on the ride if desired.  The Carousel is in the middle of the room with tables and chairs/benches surrounding it – enough to seat 100 guests.  My cousin had the food catered in from a nearby Italian Restaurant (I’ll tell you about that in a separate post.)  And, they had cake and drinks for the guests.  We were allowed 2 hours in this party room.  It was so nice for both the adults and the kids.

As part of the party package, we also had access to the Jumps & Jiggles Room.  This was a large indoor playground with a maze of tunnels, slides, helicopter, bouncing yo-yo ball, and much more.  The little ones had such a great time in this section.






This was a really fun party.  The place was awesome – fun, clean, and very spacious.  You can also use these two rooms for play time by paying a single admission price when parties are not in session.  I highly recommend the Carousel and Jumps & Jiggles Room.  Like I said, I would really love to have my own party here if my daughter was a bit younger.

The Pavilion is located at 1000 Wellington Ave. in Elk Grove Village.  For additional information, you can visit the Elk Grove Village Park District’s website.  Just thought I would share that in case you needed an idea for a kid’s party.

If you have any recommendations or ideas for kid’s parties, please share them with us.


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