A Dog’s Life! – My Dog Blue – Part Two

In the last article I wrote about My Dog Blue (which was quite a while ago), I told you how I got her and how we decided to name her Blue.  Today, I’ve decided to share some more info on Blue since we’ve now had her as part of our family for 5 years.

Blue is a very special dog.  She’s very beautiful looking and a very intelligent and sweet dog.  If someone comes to our door, she’ll give her big “tough guy” bark as if to say, “You mess with me… I mess with you.” J  The truth is though, Blue is mostly “all bark”.  When our family and friends come over, she barks and barks.  Then, when we let them in, she “sniffs them over” and gives them an “ok” to enter.  Later, she usually gives them occasional wet slobbery kisses to reassure their new friendship.

Blue can sometimes be a little bit nosey too.  In our “living room,” we have big windows that look out at the front of our house.  They have big vertical blinds that we usually keep closed.  Blue sits right by those windows and pushes her nose through the blinds.  She stays there most of the day and if anyone comes out of their house or walks by… she’ll make sure to let us know.  Our family sometimes will call her Mrs. Kravitz.

Blue is very smart!  You can tell her to get her tennis ball and she’ll come back with that exact toy.  Or, if you tell her to get Hedgie (her stuffed hedge-hog) she’ll give you that one too.  Also, Blue knows how to do tricks!  If you tell her to sit and give you her paw, not only will she do that, but Blue will go through all her tricks… lay, roll over, do the “army crawl”, speak, dance, bark… etc.J  (We’re still working on getting her to remember what each different command means.)

Another “fun fact” about Blue is that she loves to cuddle.  Even though she’s about 24 lbs., she thinks she’s a lap dog.  If our family watches a movie or just sits down to relax… sooner or later Blue is up on one of our laps.  She also really likes our pillows.  You might think getting up on the bed with us is enough; but “oh no,” Blue has to be right on top of our pillows.  She curls up in a little ball and settles down right onto our pillow.  I must admit though, she fits perfectly and looks pretty darn cute.  At night when we’re sleeping, Blue starts out with me and later, after I fall asleep, she goes into my mom and dad’s room to make sure she’s spending enough time with all of us.

As you know, we just recently celebrated the Fourth of July.  And, there are lots of fireworks on the Fourth of July.  Blue is deathly afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms.  The loud noises make her shake so much.  I feel so bad for her.  I bet if I were a dog and there were strange big booming noises, I’d be pretty scared too.  Anyway, during these occasions, Blue spends some quality time in our bathroom behind the toilet shaking and shaking.

Over the years, we’ve gotten some interesting comments about Blue.  Most people point out how beautiful she is and say “Look at her eyes; one is blue and the other one is brown!”  Also, when we had someone “dog-sit” her they took her on a walk and someone said “She walks like a show dog!” (Blue does prance a little bit.)  Another time when my parents were walking Blue, a little boy pointed out how much she looked like a hyena.  (I don’t know where he got that from.)  Once, a girl from my school asked if she was blind because of her different colored eyes and I told her she wasn’t.

I could go on and on about Blue but this is supposed to be a short article, so I have to stop here.  I love Blue so much and I am so blessed that God put her into our life.  Blue is comforting, cute, kind, cuddly, and has a special gift of putting a smile on your face.

I hope you enjoyed my article!  Do you have any cute or interesting stories about your pet?  Please share them with us in the comment box below.  Thanks for reading my article.  Bye for now!




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A Dog’s Life! – My Dog Blue – Part Two — 2 Comments

  1. Great article!!!! She seems to love the camera, actually posing for some pictures :-)

  2. I love the pictures of Blue. She is so cute & it makes me smile just looking at her. She sounds very smart. We don’t have a dog right now, but reading your story makes me want to get one. When I was a young girl, we had a very smart dog too. We named him Skippy. He did many tricks & could bring whatever toy you wanted him to get. Dogs are wonderful & faithful pets.