Blokus – A Fun Family Game

I wanted to tell you about a game our family really enjoys.  The game is BLOKUS.  It is a game of strategy for ages 7 and up.  The original game has a game board with 400 squares and 21 pieces in four different colors.  Each of the 21 pieces has a different shape.  The object of the game is to place your 21 pieces on the board, or at least the maximum that you can.  Each player must begin at one of the corners of the board.  Each new piece that is placed on the board must touch another piece of the same color, but it can only touch at the corners, never along the sides.  The game ends when no one can place any more pieces on the board.  You need to think of a strategy that allows you to extend your territory while blocking your opponents.  This game is really fun and challenging – it really makes you think.

BLOKUS comes in a variety of choices.  The original game is a square board for 2 -4 players.  We have the TRAVEL BLOKUS, which is smaller and for only two players.  The game also comes in a hexagonal shaped board version (BLOKUS TRIGON) and a 3 –D Version.  Additionally, BLOKUS is available as an app for your iPhone or iPad.  Any way you play it, is really fun.

You should try BLOKUS for your next family fun night or your next game night with friends.

That’s our recommendation for today.  Have fun!

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Blokus – A Fun Family Game — 6 Comments

    • Your blog is a special one. I find peace reading all your posts about the beauty of nature and how you view it. I also love your creativity and the many art projects you share.

  1. We play games with some of our friends and BLOKUS sounds like fun, so I will look for it when I go to Target. I’m sure they will have it.

    • Yes, they do have it at Target. I know you will enjoy it. I played it yesterday with my daughter on Mother’s Day. We had fun – even though she beat me most of the time.