How to Save Money On Car Maintenance

Saving Money When Changing Your Oil 

Pay only for the oil change.  When you need an oil change, just get an oil change.  Don’t be talked into any other services or check-ups offered.  In the past, we fell for those tactics and paid nearly $65 for “extras” when we really only wanted an oil change.  You really shouldn’t pay much more than $20 for an oil change.  There’s little difference between quality motor oil and a costly synthetic blend, as long as you stick to changing your oil at the recommended intervals.  If the shop recommends using a more costly oil, ask why.  And finally, shop around and shop on-line.  We get our oil changed at Firestone.  We had purchased tires from them and now we frequently get coupons for oil changes.  Look around for coupons for oil changes – they are abundant. Firestone and Just Tires often offer coupons for around $20

If you would like some additional strategies to save money you can CLICK HERE

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