Autobiographical Narrative

Last week I had to write an autobiographical narrative for my Language Arts class.  It had to be only one page and include a lesson that was learned.  It was kind of a funny story, so I thought I would share it with you.


Hot and Cold

Splash!  That’s when it hit me, literally.  That was the day when I learned an important lesson about hot coffee, cold milkshakes, and obeying my parents.

 The “incident” happened on our vacation to Disney World.  I was about five years old.  My family and I had stopped at a little shop where we got some treats.  My dad got hot coffee, my mom got a cold chocolate shake, and I got a little snack. We took our treats outside and ate them while we talked to each other.  

 As soon as we got outside, I started jumping around and acting crazy.  My dad said, “Don’t jump on me! I have hot coffee in my hand, and I wouldn’t want to spill it on you.”  I thought that it would be really funny if I jumped on him just because he told me not to.  So, I ran up to him and jumped right on top of him. Then, all of a sudden, my head started to burn terribly.  The coffee had landed right on top of my head.  Before long, I was screaming because it hurt so badly.  Meanwhile, my mom was panicking.  She did the first thing that came to her mind.  She dumped her “ice-cold” chocolate shake on my head to cool me down.  It actually worked, but I wasn’t too happy that I was just turned into a chocolaty, coffee mess. 

 My mom and I found the nearest bathroom and went inside so I could get most of the chocolate shake and the coffee out of my hair.  I got a lot of strange looks from people we passed on our way back to our hotel, but it was my fault for jumping on my dad. 

 I learned three important lessons that day.  First of all, you should always listen to your parents because they make rules to protect you. Second, it is dangerous to play around hot liquids. And third, chocolate shakes make good desserts and bad hair conditioners.  

  I hope you enjoyed my narrative.   Come back to KIDS CORNER for more stories.  See you soon.

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Autobiographical Narrative — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh! Really not funny at all – but oh my gosh – hysterical! I can just picture your mother…and you with that concoction on your head! What a day!

  2. Hiiiii!!! I didn’t get to read your story at school but it’s really funny! :) I hope blue gets better see you later!

  3. That was fast thinking on your mom’s part, her reaction made me laugh. However it wouldn’t have been too funny if you were injured – I’m glad you were ok . John always says a cat doesn’t sit on a hot stove twice! This is a good lesson to share and well put.