A Father’s Love

As Annie told you on her home page, from time to time I would be contributing to the Faith section of this blog. Today I thought I would share a faith conversation I had with a friend of mine.

A good friend of mine, Viktor, recently asked me this question: “How could God, a Father, allow His son to be abused, brutally beaten, and killed for the sake of the world?”  Viktor and I often have discussions regarding faith.  He is, as I said, a good friend, a devoted father, and a hard worker, but also a very analytical and logical thinker. So, when he posed the question, it was sort of along this line…”C’mon you are a father and I am a father…could you ever standby and watch the same thing happen to your child?” I responded to him by first acknowledging that it was a tough question and one that I’m not sure I could ever fully understand, but that second I thought God had provided an answer to that question in the Bible.  On a side note, as I have said in a previous post, I am no Bible scholar…far from it! J I am just a regular “Joe” trying to make sense of life’s struggles just as much as the next guy.  But I do believe what the Good Book says is accurate and true. Additionally, as I have said in the past, I believe the Bible was written for the regular “Joe” plainly and not meant to be a mystery or hard to understand. Anyway, here is what I said to Viktor and what I believe.  I told him from a biblical vantage point, I believe God is our Father in heaven and we are His children. Also as I read it, He loves and cares greatly for His children. Because of His love for them, He DID and would sacrifice everything for His children. Finally, and I acknowledge it is hard to completely wrap my mind around the whole Trinity concept, but a part of God Himself also suffered on the cross when he sacrificed His Son to save His children.  Bottom line, as I said to my friend Viktor, I believe most fathers (parents) would make any sacrifice for their children. Right or wrong most fathers would stand by their children, fight for, have compassion for, provide for, weep for, share their burdens, carry them when they didn’t have strength….the list goes on and on and “interestingly” enough, these are the same words that can be found in the Bible when God talks about what He did and will do for His children. But as I always say….don’t take my word for it, read it yourself and then you decide.

I recently came across the video below and thought it really related to this post. It truly is an inspiring story of one father’s commitment, compassion, strength, and love for his child.


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