Out of the Mouths of Babes

In an earlier post, I told you that my daughter and I are reading a devotional book we got from the Family Christian Store – 2 Minutes a Day, 100 Devotions for Girls, the Teen Edition.  We are both really enjoying this time together, are learning a lot, and feel that God is speaking to us each day.  Well, the other day He was speaking loud and clear.  He not only spoke through the words on the page, but through the words my daughter uttered after we read the devotion.

Our family has been praying constantly about a certain matter – we have been praying for this for quite a while.  And, although I am embarrassed to say this, lately I have gotten very discouraged and frustrated over this matter.  Well, the devotion for the day was titled “Patience NOW!”  It talked about how we can become impatient while we wait for God to grant us the things we wish and hope for; how God’s plan may differ from our own, but that we should trust in His infinite wisdom and love, as He unfolds His plan for our lives.  The devotion encouraged us to wait with faith, and the prayer we prayed included the words “. . . calm me down.  Let me trust in Your plan, Father; let me trust in Your timetable; and let me trust in Your love for me.”

I was getting choked up when we read this devotion.  I knew He was speaking directly to me.  He knew I needed to be reminded of this, so He spoke these words when I needed to hear them. Then, He spoke even louder when my daughter said, “Mom, this really applies to our situation and what we have been praying for.”

Trusting, waiting, being patient; these are not always easy things to do.  I was blessed to read these encouraging words, and I was blessed to be reading them with my daughter.  I am blessed that we learned this lesson together, and that she grasped this concept and tried to teach me. 

Thank you, Lord for being patient with me.

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