“WIPEOUT” – A fun T.V. show to watch

Hello everybody. Today I am going to do a review about a T.V. show called “WIPEOUT”.

Top 3 reasons you should watch “WIPEOUT”:

1) It makes you laugh.

2) It’s fun to see the odd ways the contestants’ bodies can twist and bend when they get tossed around.

3) It’s my family’s favorite show.

“WIPEOUT” is usually on T.V. on Thursday night. The two hosts are John Anderson and John Henson. The show starts out with the contestants getting a short interview with a girl named Jill Wagner. Then, they go through a bunch of crazy obstacles. Some smack them, others spin them. Then, there are these 4 giant red balls that the contestants have to jump across to get to the other side – few make it all the way.

Wait a minute, you are probably wondering what kind of person would go on T.V. just to get bruises and head concussions? Well, whoever wins gets a grand prize of $50,000. (My dad always jokes about that and says that they’ll need way more than that after the show to pay for their medical bills.)

Anyway, in order to win you have to pass through all the obstacle courses with the lowest time. They time the people as they go through the course and they keep narrowing it down until they have the 3 people with the shortest time. After they have the 3 people, it’s time to go to the Wipeout Zone. The 3 remaining contestants battle for the $50,000. Whoever gets across with the shortest time wins. My family always likes to guess who will win.

I think “WIPEOUT” is a great show to get together with friends and family and watch people WIPEOUT! If you have never seen WIPEOUT you can get an idea of what it is all about in the trailer below.

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“WIPEOUT” – A fun T.V. show to watch — 9 Comments

  1. that is so funny and a great review and the thing in that they dont pay for the medical bill that stinks thats why i dont waant to go on the show

      • i dont watch them all the time i dont really have a favortie but they are all funny really it is funny when they give them funny names like postman or the birthday boy( the name they use in video)

  2. Showed this clip to my inlaws..they were laughing so hard we had to replay the clip. Great Show, don’t miss it!!

    • Thank you for reding my article. I’m glad you and your inlaws enjoyed it.

  3. hi Ewiz i really really really really really liked the article the clip was hilarious andy was laughing so hard i thought he was going to laugh out his organs

  4. and how hard does your family laugh at the shows and when is the next show?

    • Hey Allie, my family laughs pretty hard…but not so that their organs spill out :) wipeout is usually on Thursday nights. Thanks for checking out my post.