My Dog Blue

Aren’t dogs awesome? They’re loyal, strong, smart, adorable, and much more. I love my dog! I am so happy she is part of my family.

How I Got Blue –

I always wanted a dog, ever since I can remember. Before I was born, my mom and dad had a black lab named Webster. They always talked about how great of a dog he was. Ever since they said how great he was, I said I wanted a black lab. Now, as you can see from the picture, Blue isn’t a black lab, but I’d rather have Blue than any other dog.

Back to the story – One Halloween, I was going trick-or-treating with my 2 friends. When I came home from school with them, my dad had a little puppy about four months old with him. At first I thought it was the firehouse dog that my dad had told me about, and that I had been dying to see. But, when he told me she was mine, I freaked and so did my friends. I was so excited. The funny thing was that my Halloween costume was a dog.

The first thing my friends and I did was look at how beautiful she was and how unique she was, with one brown eye and one blue eye. Then, we tried to think of names for her. My one friend suggested Sparky. My dad said they called her Blue at the shelter he got her from, because of her blue eye. “Blue”, I thought, “Interesting, unique (which would fit her), cute. . . That’s it! I like it; I’ll call her Blue!” “I love it!” I said. So, that’s how Blue got her name, and how I got Blue.

Ever since then, Blue has been a great joy to our family. She is so cute in everything that she does. Sometimes in the morning when my mom takes her downstairs to let her outside, she “herds” her. She scrapes her paw against the back of my mom’s heels to kind of lead her. Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, so it’s in her nature to herd. That’s what she does with our family. She’s also very considerate. At night, she starts out sleeping with me, then, at about midnight, she goes and sleeps with my mom and dad. She makes sure we all get enough cuddle time. Almost every morning I wake up to a slobbery wet kiss from Blue.

I’m so glad that Blue joined our family. I just love her so much.

Thank you for reading my article. You can look forward to more cute stories about Blue, and maybe even a short video. Be sure to visit Kids Corner again soon.

Bye for now!

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My Dog Blue — 25 Comments

  1. Oh yes, “Blue” is a sweet dog. “Henri” stares longingly at the fence every time he sees her!

    • Thank you for reading my article. We’ll have to set up a play-date for Henry and Blue. Tell Henry Blue says hi.

    • Thanks Alyssa, I’m glad you liked it! Blue was really excited when I told her she was going to be on our family’s website. I’ll tell her that you said she was cute. Bye!

  2. Blue is such a sweet little dog and we love her. Thanks for sharing your story about Blue :)

  3. What a cute picture! I think Blue and Libby could be good buddies. Allie loves those sloppy kisses in the morning too!

    • Thanks Mrs. B, Blue says libby and her should have a play-date sometime soon. She also told me to tell you to give Libby a hug for her. Thanks for checking out my post!

  4. I really do love those sloppy kisses in the morning and Libby is still whinning at the mirror. and i loved your story about blue. you are amazing at writing ewiz. I bet i couln’t write anything that fun or long! see you tomorrow!

    • Thanks Allie, Blue and I have been talking and Blue said she’d like to have a play-date with Libby. I have to come up with a nick-name for you. Think of some goofy nick names and we’ll see what one we like best. thanks for reading my post. Ewiz

  5. Libby said “It sounds like fun” but you know she didn’t actually say that in Human language but she said it in her dog language! Bollie a combination of allie and Boss Bollie!

  6. Hey Ballie/Bollie, Blue told me to tell you to tell Libby that she can’t wait for the play-date. For a nick name …
    Smallie-smart and Allie
    Fallie-funny and Allie…pretty lame,huh, well for right now we’ll just go with your nick name(s). we can think about it tomorrow. Bye!

    • I don’t think there lame but we’ll have too get some more names though

  7. Elizabeth,

    I enjoyed hearing about your dog Blue. I had a dog named Skippy when I was young. He loved to play ball. He was loveable and very smart. Nancy Lou

  8. i love the article about blue i never new that about how u got her. i miss my dog he was great too. p.s u and allie r crazy about nicknames see u

  9. I’m glade your feeling better. and Libby finaly stopped whining at the mirror

  10. Thanks for all your care and concern Allie. Aren’t dogs crazy? I know Blue is. But you gotta love ’em! They’re so cute and cuddly and lovable.

    • true but sometimes they can be anoiying (is that how you spell it?) but lovable!